I care not what others think of what I do, but I do care very much about what I think of what I do.
— Theodore Roosevelt

Thanks, Teddy.  You are the consummate badass.  

So, if you care about what people are saying about Blynd Birds, here you go:



"Soft guitar lines frothing into a slow boil of raucous distortion and torrential riffs becomes a fitting kick-start to Blynd Birds' Find Your Conscience, Baby...  the same ferocity found on its 2015 debut Sure for Certain... [and] it never misses a step." 

- Alejandra Ramirez - Austin Chronicle


reminded me of Sunny Afternoon by the Kinks and this (Yellow Houses) delivered from that point on. I love it. Would love to play it on the station.
— Radio KSCR
I honestly love everything about this track, including how raw the recording is. And I want to hear more.
— Chelsea Schwartz - Founder of @High VoltageMag | Radio Host @IndieFMRadio
Love the unique sound you guys have, super excited to have you on BoomBoxFM
— Mike Hoy - BoomBoxFM
...embraces the unheard of combining the voice of a raspy wearing traveler stumbling straight out of a western saloon with modern lightning quick electric guitar slamming.”
— Nate Abernethy - Ovrld Blog
The diversity of genres is perfect for the restless listener. It’s all there; styles including blues, indie, folk, garage, and punk rock.
— The Deli - Austin Scene Blog
(Sure for Certain EP) It has the songwriting bad-assery of QOTSA with the dark melodies of The National
— Sara Houser - Singer/Guitarist for Lowin